Pure Cotton Knitted Pillow, Cable Knot


A roaring fire. A glass of wine. The waves crashing outside your window. And you snuggled upon the lounge with your cheek resting against New Haven’s Pure Cotton Cable Knot pillow. It’s a beautiful scene and one so easily re-created with this divine 100% cotton pillow. Supremely crafted in a pattern reminiscent of the most luxurious cable-knit sweaters, Cable Knot is soft to touch yet hardy enough to withstand the test of time. Intentionally designed in bold, vivid red, the featured plait and button façade is striking – making it a real statement piece for any home décor. 
Allow New Haven’s Cable Knot pillow to bring some comfort to your couch whilst adding a pop of color to accent your classic style. Fresh, vibrant yet still soothing, Cable Knot is a wonderful accompaniment to any room to fill it with love, light and harmony.

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