New Haven - Small Column Table Lamp - Beige


The Small Column Table Lamp in Beige provides that subtle ambiance that includes everyone and everything in a soft glow that’s relaxing and comfortable. You’ll want to sink in and enjoy time with family and friends when the Small Column Table Lamp in Beige illuminates your home. Also like it’s larger sibling, the Small Column Table Lamp in Beige is unobtrusive and its elegantly subtle design works well with any decor in your home to create a haven from the outside world.

The Small Column Table Lamp in Beige is a singular column of lampshade that emits a soft glow that’s a perfect blend of comforting ambient lighting with subtle style. Wherever it’s placed in your room, the Small Column Table Lamp in Beige helps you brings together your style and flair for home furnishings in a way that complements your home and suits all tastes. 

Create that sanctuary your family and friends yearn for in your home this season with the Small Column Table Lamp in Beige. Your home is your haven from the storm, and a well-appointed room begs for a simple, yet elegant lamp to provide the lighting for any occasion. The Small Column Table Lamp in Beige is that perfect companion for any well-appointed room.

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