Rustic Floor Tripod lamp - Large


You have that perfect spot in a certain room in your home that calls for New Haven Rustic Floor Tripod Lamp. To create the relaxing sanctuary you want your home to be, the Rustic Floor Tripod Lamp was designed to fit in with any decor and to enhance the lighting in any room of your home. This unique look brings a soft glow to the tableau of your life, creating ambient lighting that showcases any well-appointed home to its greatest degree. 

A subtle lampshade rests atop the wooden tripod legs and inspires long nights curled up by the fire, reading your favorite author and sipping sherry. Or perhaps you are enjoying a festive evenings with family and friends gathered at your home. Whatever your reason, the Rustic Floor Tripod Lamp provides the lighting to illuminate your home when an occasion calls.

New Haven brings you the accessories that shape your life and help you create a haven from the cares of the world. We help you build a soft place for family and friends to land and a sanctuary that creates its own gravitational force to draw them in. Friends and family won’t want to leave the comforts of your home, especially with the well-appointed offerings from New Haven like the Rustic Floor Tripod Lamp.

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