Pure Cotton Knitted Pillow, White Sailor Stars

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White Sailor Stars is New Haven 100% cotton throw pillow that is exquisitely knitted with a star pattern both classic and timeless. With an energizing red background, the white stars pop out in uniformity and simplicity to create a design that is at once symmetrical and astounding. And, who doesn’t love cotton for its unique softness that adds quality to a life well-lived? Perfect for either seasonal or everyday use, the White Sailor Stars is that versatile pillow that accentuates your decor with a pop of color and eye-pleasing patterns.

Stars guide us through life. When you need to orientate yourself, you can always find the North Star to determine where you are. And in life, our North Star can be any number of things—your family, your beliefs, your history. It can especially be your home. Home is a sanctuary where we go to relax and regroup. When you add touches like New Haven White Sailor Stars to your home, you’re creating a backdrop to life that is comfortable and wholesome.

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