Pure Cotton Knitted Pillow, The Helmsman


Bring the beach house heritage into your home with the Helmsman Pure Cotton Knitted Pillow. Pure, natural cotton is the most popular fabric in the world because of its versatility, and the Helmsman is knitted with pure cotton fibers to create a throw pillow that stands the test of time, both in its function and its theme. Maritime themes can be found in the best homes for centuries, and the Helmsman helps you adapt that look with your own personal style for a look that’s unique and comfortable.

The Helmsman evokes days spent out on the water with the breeze in your sails as you man the rudder and bend the force of the wind to your needs. Whether you’re day sailing, cruising, or heading out on an ocean-crossing trip, the Helmsman is your guide to remote areas, coastal sailing, or whatever blows in with the wind.

Centuries of sailors learned how to trim the sails and change from port tack to starboard tack and back again. If you have a love of the knots and hitches that are fundamental to sailing, the knitted pattern of the Helmsman will bring the flavor of that expertise to bear in your home furnishings. 

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