Pure Cotton Knitted Pillow, Sailor Stripes

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In a design synonymous with chic Parisian style, the Sailor Stripes throw pillow brings the beauty and majesty of the maritime life into your home in an exquisitely designed home furnishing that speaks volumes about style and elegance.

New Haven Sailor Stripes recreates that aura of a seaside retreat with its simple, all natural, 100% cotton pillow designed to accent your home furnishings with understated elegance. Imagine taking in the sea air in Saint Tropez on the French Riviera. Now imagine that ambiance in your home with the Sailor Stripes throw pillow. Featuring all natural cotton for its durability and enduring grace, the Sailor Stripes accent pillow creates a vignette in your home that is at once French provincial and timeless maritime. The beautiful knit pattern details the intricate stitching and construction that has made New Haven home furnishings the sought after accent pieces they are today. Abiding style. Classic materials. Fresh takes on vintage designs. New Haven brings the old and the new together in ways both unexpected and utterly comfortable. Surround yourself with the sensuousness of the New Haven Sailor Stripes.

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