Pure Cotton Knitted Pillow, Charcoal Mainsails


New Haven brings light and comfort to you home with furnishings and accessories that create a haven for you, your family, and friends to relax and unwind. The Charcoal Mainsails throw pillow adds to the collection of unique, inspiring decor that represents the timeless notion of home and hearth as the center of life. Made from 100% cotton, the Charcoal Mainsails features a simple design that brings shape, texture, and softness together to create a conversation piece to add to your accessories. Designed to blend with any decor, the Charcoal Mainsails works well in either your main living areas or your private rooms.

Your home is the main mast of your life, and as such, you treat it with the care and concern it deserves. Just as mainsails power the direction of a sailing vessel, so too do the furnishings and accessories you choose for your home. When you choose New Haven, you understand that our timeless designs and high quality materials work to create a sanctuary in your home. Sink into this sanctuary and into the exquisitely soft Charcoal Mainsails throw pillow. Your own sense of enduring home furnishings will celebrate the addition of a high caliber throw pillow rich with sensuous promises like New Haven Charcoal Mainsails.

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