Knitted Pillow, Pebble at the Shore

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Heather colors and a traditional knit pattern found in New Haven Pebble at the Shore combine acrylic and wool blended yarn to create an astonishingly comfortable throw pillow that perfectly accents any decor. Pebble at the Shore features both a soft feel to the touch and a unique design that brings to mind the many hued pebbles you find at the shore. Adding texture and depth, Pebble at the Shore’s subtle variations in tone almost create movement that captures your eye and draws you in. Just as you try to identify separate pebbles from the many surrounding at the shore, you’ll find it difficult to pinpoint one distinct stitch apart from the whole. The whole is what eventually matters because it brings you a complete picture, just as the many pebbles make up the entire shore at seaside.

New Haven Pebble at the Shore is meant to subtly mimic the way the shoreline defines the delineation between the vastness of the ocean and the steadfastness of land. Since your home is your sanctuary from the relentless nature of the sea, the Pebble at the Shore is just one distinct, yet complete step towards creating your haven—separate from all others even while in their midst.

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