Pure Cotton Knitted Pillow, Navigating by Stars


For thousands of years, the stars in the night sky have guided countless sailors back home to safety and loved ones. And New Haven’s Pure Cotton Navigating by Stars pillow has been lovingly created on this very premise – inviting all those you love to journey into your sacred space, allowing you to spend time together and create precious memories along the way. 

Cleverly crafted in an eye-catching geometric design, Navigating by Stars definitely stands out from the crowd yet its subtle cream and gray tones allow for a versatility of styling. Use it to update your interior as an accent piece or let it blend in even as the silver gray tones draw the eye to discover its intricate galaxy of stars.

If you feel you’ve lost your way, Navigating by Stars will help bring you home. Allow it to center you and restore balance and serenity in your special space. 

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