Pure Cotton Knitted Pillow, Diamonds at Sea


Out at sea a night, one can quickly mistake the stars for shining diamonds. Their luminescence is breathtaking and awe-inspiring all at once. New Haven’s Diamonds at Sea Knitted pillow is directly inspired by their serenity and beauty. While the pillow’s dark, gray background is reminiscent of the night sky, the intricate diamond-shaped pattern is an artistic take on stars reflecting off moonlit waves.

Made from durable yet soft 100% cotton, Diamonds at Sea allows for a plethora of styling options and tastes. Mix and match it with other bold patterns and colors to create an on-trend look. Or opt for a more refined styling by using it as an accent to highlight classic color combinations. Whatever you choose, New Haven’s goal of ensuring you can simply create an indulgent, yet timeless, space in your home will be easily met with Diamonds at the Sea.

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