Pure Cotton Knitted Pillow, Nautical Explorer


A layering of throw pillows offers interesting texture and volume to your home decor, and New Haven Nautical Explorer brings you exquisite, soft material and a natural theme for your furnishings. Featuring 100% all-natural cotton, softness and comfort are combined with a subtle design to create an interesting and understated throw pillow that fits in well with any home decor. Heather fabric results in a many-hued look that adds depth to your home accessories.

New Haven tips its hat to nautical explorers of yore who navigated the globe purely by the stars alone. The celestial patterns guided many a sailor safely across the oceans and back home again, and we’ve recreated that sense of heavenly wonder and majesty with the Nautical Explorer throw pillow. The gentle colors and simple star pattern remind us to savor the nighttime sky and all it brings into our lives.

Be guided by the stars with New Haven Nautical Explorer. The unique design and understated colors, together with a classic design, bring you a decorative throw pillow unlike most. Layer your home furnishings with the delightful finds of New Haven, and experience a level of comfort combined with exquisite taste.

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