Pure Cotton Knitted Pillow, Made Fast


New Haven Made Fast throw pillow is the combination of comfortable, soft cotton with an intricate eye-catching knit design. The Made Fast throw pillow uses top quality, 100 percent cotton to create an invitingly soft pillow that you’ll want to sink into at the end of the day. Made for everyday use that will stand the test of time, the Made Fast throw pillow’s classic styling and traditional flair give it unanimous heirloom status. New Haven Made Fast is that certain piece that your family will want to hold fast for years to come.

Brighten your home and unleash the optimal comfort and relaxation that the Made Fast pillow was designed to provide. Create in your home the sanctuary that draws in friends and family from near and far to seek respite at your doorstep. When you offer them comforts like New Haven Made Fast throw pillow, you help them relax and be still in that space where everything is agreeable and right with the world. Give them the haven they desire above all else—the one you create with New Haven exquisite furnishings and accessories.

Every generation has that one piece that is passed down because of an insatiable love of fine quality materials combined with simple design that never abates.

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