Knitted Pillow, Seamless Knots


If you love the luxury of a cable knit sweater that’s warm and inviting, you’ll love New Haven Seamless Knots throw pillow. Featuring an exquisite, intertwined, never-ending pattern that’s reminiscent of a Celtic Knot, the Seamless Knots pillow is knitted from top quality materials for a look that is timeless and infinite. The chunky knit cable threads are made from 100% acrylic fibers that gives texture and volume that is as classic in design as it is in form.

The artistic use of an interlaced knot pattern is called a plait—a woven, unbroken cord design that speaks to our sense of wonder and delight in all things natural. Seamless Knots evokes our sense of fellowship, of the solidarity that knits together all humanity. The mystic knot has no beginning and no end.

Long-lasting and ever-enduring, New Haven brings you the products that simplify and enhance your life, helping you to relax comfortably at home and know that all is right with your world. Accent your life with New Haven Seamless Knots with the invincible conviction that sanctuary starts at home.

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