Rustic Floor Tripod Lamp - Small


Perfectly situated on an end table or as a central focal point in any room, the New Haven Rustic Floor Tripod Lamp helps you create the relaxing sanctuary your home is destined to be. Designed to work beautifully with any decor, the Rustic Floor Tripod Lamp enhances the lighting in any room in your home with a unique style that brings a flavor and a soft glow to accentuate your gatherings. Your home will draw people in with the ambient lighting of the Rustic Floor Tripod Lamp that showcases your well-appointed home in the best light.

Whether you curl up in a plush, comfortable chair close to the fire to read your favorite author or you enjoy a festive evening with family and friends in celebration of life’s many joys, the Rustic Floor Tripod Lamp illuminates your scene so that you can sit back, relax, and take pleasure in the occasion.

At New Haven, we are committed to bringing you the accessories to help shape your life and to create a sanctuary for you, your family, and friends. We encourage you to design your haven with offerings like the Rustic Floor Tripod Lamp for a well-appointed home that others will gravitate towards. Bring the comfort and relaxation that your sanctuary provides from the cares of the world to your doorstep with New Haven Rustic Floor Tripod Lamp.

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